Small Business Tax Deduction Secrets

by Stephen L. Nelson, CPA, MBA, MS Taxation

Best-selling Author of QuickBooks for Dummies

There is a strategy for minimizing a business's taxes...

Okay, so there's a simple strategy for minimizing a small business's taxes. And oddly most tax accountants don't spend enough time talking about the strategy with their clients. And that's a shame. Because the strategy is incredibly easy to use:

Arrange your business to legitimately maximize your deductions!

But let me explain a bit more about this...

If you're a small business, a good deduction will nearly always save you the 15% self-employment tax. And for successful small businesses (those that make a living wage or better), a good deduction will also save you 10%, 20% or even more in federal and state income taxes.

And the weird part is this: Despite what you might think right now, you probably could structure and arrange your business to take many more deductions that you do now. Probably you could cleverly harvest deductions that would reduce your annual taxes by thousands of dollars.

Did you know that sometimes you can even re-cycle (or double-deduct) a deduction?

You just need to have somebody identify those deductions which are easy for small businesses to use--and then you need to understand the rules for correctly taking these deductions.

All of this neatly brings me to my e-book, "Small Business Tax Deduction Secrets." This 40pp e-book addresses this information short-fall by sharing tips and tricks that allow you to identify and then maximize the legitimate small business tax deductions you're now missing.

What's in the book?

In "Small Business Tax Deduction Secrets," I emphasize those business deductions you would probably never guess you can add to a business return. Here's just a partial list of the deduction secrets and tax saving tricks covered:

  • Writing off travel expenses including family vacations to Hawaii, Florida or Southern California
  • Deducting and even double-deducting healthcare expenses
  • Turning family members and even the cost of a college education into tax deductions
  • Legitimately putting hobby expenses onto a business tax return as a valid deduction. (If you do this right, you can save huge amounts of tax--but be careful, the rules are tricky.)
  • Using a small business pension plan to dramatically boost what you can save in a retirement savings account.
  • Incorporating to get tax deductions
  • Deduction rules when you're starting a business
  • The truth about using an S corporation
  • When out-of-state incorporation works as a way to avoid state income taxes
  • Home office deductions--including when this deduction doesn't save money
  • Company car deductions, including the rules for deducting luxury automobiles

In short, I cover everything the small business owner needs to know to legitimately maximize his or her income tax deductions. And I also provide straight talk about the aggressive tax reduction techniques which business owners often want to learn more about.

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Stephen L. Nelson

CPA, MBA, MS(tax)

Stephen L. Nelson specializes in serving business owners and other individuals with complex finances or taxes. A Seattle-area CPA for three decades, Nelson holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Washington and an MS in Taxation from Golden Gate University. Nelson is the author of dozens best-selling books about accounting and finance including Quicken for Dummies (which sold more than 1,000,000 copies) and QuickBooks for Dummies (which sold more than 500,000 copies). He's also taught LLC and S corporation taxation in the graduate tax school at Golden Gate University.

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